About Tiffany

I am a Kansas City artist who is highly supervised by my CCO (Chief Cuteness Officer) Mila. I have extreme anxiety and OCD and have worked for years to get it under control. Throughout the pandemic, I really struggled with my mental health. Until one day, I sat down and started to draw. And I haven’t stopped!

Through my paintings and illustrations, I work to turn my anxiety into joy that can be shared with the world. My main inspirations are flowers, makeup, fashion, my high heel shoe addiction, the color pink, and all things glam. And of course Mila! I love giving my illustrations a fun and sassy spin that make my designs the perfect gifts for your friends, moms, sisters, or even yourself!

Along with Tiffany Ascensio Designs, I have two blogs – Always In High Heels, and A Creative Startup. Always In High Heels is a beauty and wellness lifestyle blog and A Creative Startup is an entrepreneurship blog focusing on helping others build their creative businesses from home. I also have a full time job and do freelance illustrations and virtual assistant work.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me playing with Mila, binge watching trash tv, reading, hanging out with my family, or online shopping.

About Mila

Mila is the CCO (Chief Cuteness Officer) here at Tiffany Ascensio Designs.

She is a YorkiePoo who takes her job as an ESA very seriously. She loves frozen blueberries, bell peppers, marshmallows, and french fries. She also has a serious skincare and lipgloss addiction and loves a good pile of pillows.

When she's not working, you’ll find Mila chewing the fuzz off a tennis ball, hiding her chew toys, or barking at anyone and anything.